Short Essay on ‘Chhath Puja’

Chhath Puja is otherwise called Dala Chhath. In this significant celebration setting Sun (day break) is venerated. The celebration is seen with the confidence that the Sun God satisfies wishes if ‘araghya’ is offered with complete commitment and dedication. It is a celebration associated with immaculateness, commitment to the Sun God who is considered as the wellspring of life on this planet and is viewed as the god who satisfies every one of our desires. The celebration is with a mean to communicate on account of Sun God for offering energy to earth constantly empowering the climate reasonable for individuals to live. Alongside the Sun God individuals love ‘Chhathi Maiya’ on this day.

On this celebration fans collect at the ghats at waterways and lakes and take a sacred plunge prior to getting ready contributions (Prasad). The primary constituent of the contributions are Thekua, which is a wheat based cake. Contributions are ideally cooked on earthen Chulha (stove). During the contributions, contributions are contained in little, half circle container woven out of bamboo strips called soop.

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