short essay on ‘chhath puja’

Chhath Puja is an old celebration in Hindu religion. It is a Vedic celebration. It is praised to respect the Sun for giving life on Earth. This celebration is praised in India and Nepal.

Chhath Puja is referenced in Ramayana and Mahabharata. In this, individuals love Surya (Sun god) for giving light and life to us. Chhati Maiya (Shashthi) is revered for giving us harvests and youngsters. Different divinities like Usha and Pratyusha are likewise venerated. They are the goddess of morning and night.

This celebration is significant in the states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand. There is no symbol or sculpture which is venerated in this celebration. It is a celebration which is essentially celebrated by ladies. They go to a sacred waterway and offer heavenly water to sun. This Puja is passed from age to age by any individual who performs it.

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