10 lines on Guru Nanak

1) Conceived on April 15, 1469, in Talwandi, Guru Nanak Dev was the author of Sikhism.

2) At the hour of his introduction to the world, the Pandits anticipated that his advantage would be in the way of religion and that they would get equivalent regard from the two Hindus and Muslims. Master Nanak Dev Ji was never keen on Dharnjan.

3) At one time, by paying twenty rupees, his dad sent him to Lahore for business. He utilized this cash to take care of certain sadhus found in transit.

4) For other exchange purposes, when he was placed in, he went through his cash just on the hopeless poor.

5) He was hitched at eighteen years old and later had two children.

6) Be that as it may, his brain never felt on the planet, and he set out looking for dedication. He spread his standards all over the place.

7) They coordinated langars where rich and helpless all prepared and ate food in a kitchen.

8) Master Nanak Dev Ji fused all the decency of Hindu and Muslim religion into Sikhism.

9) He made ‘Japuji Sahib’ for morning petition and ‘Rahras Sahib’ for night time; in 1538 AD, at 70 years old, he got consumed in the heavenly.

10) His message was conveyed forward by his pupil Angad.

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